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"......they had this elegance and pride and self-assuredness....They were so feminine, but without a hint of vulgarity, just this kind of elegance with sensuality...

Tribal Fusion is an interpretation of American Tribal Style, started by (dance teacher) Carolena Nericcio. It changed the posture and what it was communicating -- it displays power: shoulders back, chest up, elbows forward. And it brought in a lot of the more rural music of North Africa and India -- the Gypsy element of the deal, rather than the Hollywood element. And Carolena's whole posture and arm cycles, it's all very flamenco..."- Rachel Brice

Tribe Ayaka's performs a dance form known as North African fusion. Influences from the African Diaspora creates a wonderful and unique dance experience.

Tribe Ayaka will provide the ultimate tribal experience. Hand drums (Arabic doumbek and zils, West African djembe, dununs and finger percussions), along with the allure of their fire dance, is guaranteed to mesmerize. Come to expect the unexpected. Performances can be customized to suit your event.

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